Charter Services

Corporate Travel/Shuttle

Whether your company’s need to move personnel is the result of a merger or acquisition or simply growth within your ongoing operations, Ultimate Jetcharters’ corporate travel/shuttle programs are designed to help senior management maximize the potential of your organization. Read more.

Sports Team/Fan Travel

Ultimate Jetcharters partners with CharterSearch, the nation’s premier college athletic team travel company, to provide college athletic teams with the most convenient, comfortable, and reliable private charter services. Ultimate can also provide the same private charter services for college booster organizations and/or fans.

Project Travel/Shuttle

If your company has the need to move rig crews to North Dakota, cold-weather testing teams to Northern Ontario, shipbuilders to Norfolk, or any other critical mission, Ultimate Jetcharters will work with your team to develop and implement the most convenient, reliable, and cost-effective travel solution for your key personnel.

Casino Trips

Casinos across the country have utilized Ultimate Jetcharters to help them provide their guests with a VIP experience from start to finish. Ultimate’s consistent delivery of a high-level of service for higher-level players has been a powerful combination for our casino clients. Call us for an individualized program for your casino or travel group.

Executive/Road-Show Charter

The corporate executive knows that time is money. Commercial airline travel today costs valuable executive time. Ultimate Jetcharters can accommodate today’s corporate travel needs with private charter services that save time and money in the most convenient and comfortable way.

Entertainment/High-Profile Charter

From cultural icons like Leonard Cohen to Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Aerosmith to many of Country music’s top performers, Ultimate Jetcharters provides an excellent travel solution for music and entertainment groups. Also, Ultimate has provided private charter services to heads of state, religious leaders, royalty, and presidential candidates. Let us know how we can help you with your private charter needs.

Incentive/Group Travel

Organizations looking to motivate and/or reward their top performers with a professional and memorable incentive travel charter need to look no further than Ultimate Jetcharters. Our incentive/group travel charter service provides the ultimate in unforgettable travel experiences.