Corporate Shuttle


Employee productivity and morale are key components to the success of any company. Oftentimes, companies find themselves in the position of having to move personnel between two or more locations on a regular basis. Whether your company’s need to move personnel is the result of a merger or acquisition, a special development project, or simply growth within your ongoing operations, Ultimate Jetcharters’ corporate shuttle programs are designed to help senior management maximize the potential of your organization. Furthermore, our corporate shuttle service can bring incredible efficiency and control to any company’s travel needs.

Ultimate Jetcharters is the leader in providing corporate shuttle solutions to major corporations. Our Dornier 328 Jets and Embraer 135LR Jets can transport employees, clients and suppliers to/from headquarters or other locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean (including Cuba).

The benefits of an Ultimate Jetcharters corporate shuttle program include:

  • Convenience: You determine the flight schedules based upon what is best for your employees. All flights are direct which eliminates the need for connecting flights. Employees will enjoy up-close, free parking at an FBO (private airport facility) and can arrive 5-10 minutes before departure. No more arriving at the airport 1.5 – 2 hours before flights and no more waiting in long lines at check-in counters or security checks.
  • Productivity: A corporate shuttle saves your employees valuable time just by getting them on their way to their destination quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, because there are only other colleagues on board, employees are able to conduct business as if they were in the office. Therefore, what would have been lost time on a commercial flight can now become focused, productive time on the corporate shuttle.
  • Morale: Our corporate shuttle service provides direct flights on state-of-the-art private jets that take employees comfortably to their destination in the morning and get them back home that evening. By reducing the stress of travel and enabling employees to spend more time at home with their families, they will appreciate and value the investment that the company has made in them.

If your company has employees traveling between specific locations on a regular basis, then our corporate shuttle service could be a convenient and cost-effective tool to increase employee productivity and morale, as well as increase your bottom line.